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Why urns 4t?

  • Very competitive prices: You can buy directly from our factory without the need of a middle-man. We make wooden urns from 10 € to 150 € or more. We are sure that some of our funeral urns will have the technical and decorative characteristics that you need. Consult us without any compromise.
  • Respect for the Environment: At present, the materials used in our urns are degradable in 98% and we will like them to be in 100%. Our aim is to see that the total of the energy consumed in our production process is a 100% clean. Our wood comes from Spanish forests (controled extraction) and other parts of Europe and America. We never use wood illegaly extracted from different tropical forests.
  • Made in Spain (made in EU): Our urns are made in Spain. In our production process dozens of specialists from different areas and professions colaborate with us. If you buy from our factory you will be generating quality work, at the same time you are preserving the antique knowledge of different artesan professions, which are necessary to the production of our funeral urns.
  • Quality: Our firm uses only materials of maximum quality. If you are not yet a client of urns 4t, ask for various urns at special sample price and you will see that now and in the future you will receive only funeral urns with a first quality finish.
  • Service: Normally, your order will be ready in two weeks from the date of the confirmation of order. In each order, we look for the most economic transport company for you, bearing in mind that each order has a different volume and delivery destination.
  • Guarantee: Wood is a live material, for this reason, should you have any problem with one of our urns, do not worry, we wil replace it with another at no cost to you.